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When you choose the DJdoodle™ DIY Website Builder, the hosting of your website is included in the price, whether or not you choose to do your own creating and maintaining of your website. Your domain name for your business must be hosted on the web, hence "Web Hosting", and our DJdoodle™ DIY Website Builder not only gives you 24/7/365 access to our Website Builder program as well as the DJdoodle™ Server for the hosting of your website.

The DJdoodle™ Server is well maintained and backed up on a daily basis, so you can rest easy that your website will be on the web and available for your visitors, without the worry of the technical things behind the scenes. Our program also includes a fully-integrated Secure Shopping Cart, as well as Unlimited Web Pages and Photos up to 500MB. If you're not sure just how much space that is - it is a Lot LOL! You will have room for hundreds of photos and pages.

Since we've already highlighted the many Features of our DIY Website Builder program on the "DIY Features" page, we won't list them all out again. However, we would like to add a reminder that we also provide technical support via our DJdoodle™ Help Desk, and are happy to help any time you need us, that is totally included in your DJdoodle™ DIY package!

The last thing we'd like to mention is a reminder that any "Setup" or "Maintenance" is totally optional. Although the majority of our clients choose to DIY and/or Maintain their website on their own, there are still many folks who are just too busy and don't have the time to do it themselves. We receive requests all the time whether or not we can totally setup a DIY site and/or whether we will Maintain the DIY website for our clients and the answer is a resounding "Yes - Absolutely"!!! If you are interested in either option, please refer below to our total Setup Options, and to our DIY Maintenance section for more information on the different types of Maintenance Options we have available.

*Craftsite Setup Options*

We offer two (2) Craftsite Setup Options which are listed below, should you need them. Please feel free to email us to obtain a quote for Craftsites having more than 50 products, or any other special requests. Please Note turnaround time for Optional Setups generally runs 2-4 weeks, depending upon the season and how quickly you are able to provide the information we need to create/setup your website. If you have an Emergency Request, please refer to our *HELP* HOTline page for more information.

Craftsite Setup #25
Up to 25 Pictures/Products and Up to 5 Web Pages
Includes Social Network Links: FB, Twitter, Pin, Blog
Includes Up to 25 Links posted
$150 if Photos Ready
Craftsite Setup #50
Up to 50 Pictures/Products and Up to 10 Web Pages
Includes Social Network Links: FB, Twitter, Pin, Blog
Includes Up to 25 Links posted
$250 if Photos Ready



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